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Electric Confetti


Case Dimension: 46cm*34cm*18cm
Case Weight: 10.5kg

Confetti Launcher kit includes:
1 control box with 12-volt sealed battery
1 fixed carrying case
1 launcher recharge regulator
1 remote control & key

Fill the sky with colourful confetti.
Bring great fun to any party or celebration.

Fully Automatic.
Launching speed easy to regulate.
100% electric operation.
Remote controllable at a distance of 150 feet.
Complete Coverage (up to 2000 square feet)
Safe will not project non-confetti particles.
Packed in a case, easily transportable.
Battery driven, no need for extra electricity supply.
Enjoy it anytime and anywhere!

Operation is Simple!
Turn on the key.
Activate the launcher via remote control or manual switch.
Watch up to 16 shots of big confetti cannon shoot one by one, and fill the air with confetti and streamers




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