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Air Press Confetti


Air Compress Confetti uses compressed nitrogen in a steel gas cylinder as its launching power. A simple twist of the two parts of the confetti tube will trigger the switch inside and boost the confetti and streamers into the air at a height ranging from 10 feet to 80 feet. No pyrotechnic, nothing explosive! Designed for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. With the feature of Easy-to-Use and Safe-to-Enjoy, our confetti cannon products are regarded as A New Age of Flameless Fireworks!


The confetti here is excellent because of the fact it will fly into the air and it's a way to really celebrate in style. You might see this used at a party celebrating your new job or on a proposal during weekend breaks in England. It makes the occasion go out with a bang and helps the memory stay with you for so much longer. Confetti is a wonderful way to mark any big occasion or milestone, such as a wedding or at a party. There are lots of different styles than you can get for the various different occasions you may use it for. There are shiny ones that are often used as table direction, different shaped ones and even real petals can be used at weddings. But if you are looking for that extra special confetti then this has to be the one for you.



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